A popular quote says, “We lose stars while hunting for the moon.” and the same is the story about people traveling to the beautiful state of Uttrakhand. The scenic beauties of the state are plenty and are quite enough to leave anyone awes trucked. One such secret hill station of Uttrakhand is Dhanaulti. 

Dhanaulti lies nearly 2 km above the average sea level. The snow-topped peaks and beautiful scenery of the small town make it an ideal holiday destination for all the people living in Delhi, NCR, and all over the country. Moreover, many international tourism companies have also shifted their focus and have added Dhanaulti to their tour package while exploring Uttrakhand. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best places you must visit when exploring the beautiful peaks and mountains of Uttrakhand. We also share a few details about the best hotel in Dhanaulti at the end of this blog.  

1: Surkhanda devi temple: 

Surkhanda Devi temple is the first and foremost tourist spot that will come to your mind when the concern is about exploring Dhanaulti. The Surkhanda Devi or goddess temple is located 8 km from the main city of Dhanaulti, and it takes around a 2 km trek from Kaddu Khal to visit this beautiful temple. 

Although you will have to spend some hard time climbing, your physical efforts would be worth it as the temple’s beauty and surroundings are amazing. The Surkhanda Devi temple also has a huge value in Hindu mythology. It is discussed in an event where Sati jumps into the sacrificial fire when her father Daksha rejects her plea to invite Lord Shiva for a ceremony. The place is also considered one of the most powerful Shaktipeeths, and in Hindu mythology, it is described as a place where a female goddess is residing for her true followers. 

Indeed, Surkhanda Devi temple is one of the best tourist attractions; hence you must not forget to take the blessings of Surkhanda Devi while visiting Dhanaulti. 

2: Dashavatar temple: 

All Indians believe in unity in diversity, and hence the same goes for their religions and principles. You might have witnessed the “Dashavatar” move of popular south Indian actor Kamal Hassan where he plays ten different roles and showcases ten forms of Lord Vishnu on earth. The Dashavatar temple in Deogarh is around 10kms from the main city of Dhanaulti has a rich past in Vaishnava mythology. The walls of the temple have a beautiful carving of scriptures which is a real treat to watch out for. 

3: Deogarh Fort:

Well, if you are in Deogarh, how can you miss Deogarh fort, which is a sheer example of marvelous architecture in the 16th century when there were no machines or cranes to lift heavy blocks of stones. The Deogarh fort still stands strong, and it can even prove its mettle today in protecting the Deogarh village.

Apart from the Deogarh fort, you can also find a lot of Jain temples around the fort, which has various murals according to the Jain mythology. There are also many places in Deogarh that you must visualize before leaving Deogarh. The scenic beauty and marvelous architecture of Deogarh are visually appealing, and it would be a fantastic experience. 

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4: Jabarkhet Wildlife reserve: 

The Jabarkhet wildlife reserve is located on the beautiful Mussoorie Dhanaulti road, which is only 15 km away from the heart of Dhanaulti. The wildlife reserve is the first in Uttrakhand, and it is located 2000 meters above the average sea level and is spread in an area of more than 100 km. You can watch a wide range of plants and animals, including reptiles, trees, and birds. You can also opt for guided tours when visiting the space, or you can also walk to explore nature in its real form. 

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