Dhanaulti quietly seeps into your conscience like a long-forgotten nice dream, bringing peace, and providing a much-needed break from your mundane normal life, with minimal human intervention and without overloading or overpowering your senses or expectations. There is no doubt to say that hill stations near Dhanaulti are the best to visit without a second thought.

If you are wondering where to start, don’t worry, we have got you covered, here are the 10 places to visit in Dhanaulti (2022).

Eco Park      

Among the places to visit in Dhanaulti, Dhanaulti’s Eco Park is the top on our list. It includes deodar trees and was built by the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) and inhabitants of Dhanaulti. The Eco Park is divided between two forests, Amber and Dhara, which are 200 meters apart. The forest’s most appealing characteristic is that it was created with the cooperation of the local youngsters. Between September and June is the best time to visit the Dhanaulti Eco Park. Like the other hill stations, the weather remains comfortable throughout the year.

Eco Park, the Best Nature Park at Dhanaulti, is a fantastic site for daring travelers, since it offers a variety of adventure activities, such as sky walking, flying fox, rock climbing, and more, to people of all ages, from children to seniors, with enhanced safety measures.

You can also book a Glamwood Resort in Dhanaulti which is located near Eco Park.

Surkanda Devi Temple

Surkanda Devi Temple, at a height of 3021 meters on the summit of a hill, is the highest point in the area. Surkanda Devi’s temple, located at a height of 3,030 meters above sea level near the village of Kaddukhal, is a great spot to visit. The temple is well-known for its architectural marvels as well as its lush surroundings. Visitors can take a bus or a car up to Kaddu Khal (Devasthali), from where the temple is about 2 kilometers away on foot. It is 35 kilometers from Mussoorie and 11 kilometers from Dhanaulti. It is a significant pilgrimage site. The temple offers a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains as well as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dhanaulti Adventure Park

Dhanaulti is the ideal place to combine leisure and adventure. It’s a haven for adventure sports and activities, with towering hills, snow-capped mountains, and breathtaking views. Skywalking, sky bridges, valley crossings, zip swings, zip lines, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, paragliding, cave exploration, and many other activities are available. Think of adventure activity, and Dhanaulti Adventure Park will have it. It provides the right blend of relaxation and adventure, being nestled among towering hills, snow-capped mountains, and a breathtaking vista.

Dhanaulti is a hill station located 24 kilometers from the famed hill station of Mussoorie and 31 kilometers from Chamba. It is located at an elevation of 2286 meters and is recognized for its tranquil surroundings amid the alpine trees.

Tehri Dam

The majestic Tehri Dam, which stands at 260 meters tall, is one of the world’s highest dams and India’s tallest dam. Tehri Dam is an engineering marvel that not only generates over 1,000 MW of hydropower but is also a renowned tourist site in Uttarakhand.

The dam reservoir, also known as Tehri Lake, is frequently visited by tourists interested in boating and is quickly establishing itself as a popular destination for adventure tourism in Uttarakhand. The Tehri is a beautiful place to visit because of its lush gardens and breathtaking views of the hills. This dam is surrounded by lush flora, making it ideal for a picnic for visitors and locals alike. This is a fantastic site for enjoying water activities, located in the center of the hills a short distance from Dhanaulti.

Deogarh Fort

Another popular site near Dhanaulti is the Deogarh fort. The fort, which was built in the 16th century, features numerous exquisite buildings and murals. Several Jain temples can also be found in and around the area.

Kanatal Adventure Camp

One of the excellent camping spots in the vicinity is Kanatal Adventure Camp. The camp also organizes bonfires, buffet lunches, attached washrooms in tents, indoor-outdoor games, and barbeque nights, among other activities such as Burma Bridge, valley crossing, paintball, and jet skiing.

Potato Farm

These fields are located roughly 1 kilometer from the main market. These lands are owned by both the government and private farmers. The enormous stretches of a potato field, popularly known as Aloo Khet, at Dhanaulti are a popular tourist attraction. The Doon valley can be seen easily from here.

Dashavatar Temple

Dashavatar Temple, formerly known as Panchayatan Temple, is located 10 kilometers from Dhanaulti in Deogarh. Lord Vishnu is ensconced in the temple, which dates back to the Gupta Empire. Aside from its stunning architecture, the temple’s walls are adorned with intricately carved panels. Inscriptions from Vaishnava mythology can also be seen on the walls. It is one of the earliest temples in North India, and it commands a magnificent view of Dhanaulti.


Glamwood Reosrt In Dhanaulti

Resort In Dhanaulti

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Camp Thangdhar

Among the famous places to visit in Dhanaulti, this adventure camp, located 14 kilometers from Dhanaulti, is unquestionably the best in the area and a must-see tourist attraction. The camp location is surrounded by beautiful pine and oak trees and is located at an elevation of 8300 feet above sea level. Rock climbing, mountain biking, and trekking are among the activities available to adventurous visitors. Other visitors can go see the Jain Temples, which are very close by.

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