The beautiful town of Dhanaulti is underrated in Uttarakhand, and visitors often overlook its amazing beauty. Dhanaulti is located 2286 meters above sea level, and it is in close proximity with other beautiful scenic locations of Uttarakhand like Mussoorie, Chamba, Dehradun, and Kanatal. 

You are wrong if you feel Dhanaulti is a small town located in the shadows of beautiful Himalayan ranges in Uttarakhand. The beautiful town has a lot to offer as it is surrounded by beautiful mountain views, a wide range of attractions, adventure camps, and there is no end to adventure-filled activities. 

The quaint town of Dhanaulti has become a popular choice for visitors from Delhi NCR and all across India; hence when are you planning your family trip to Dhanaulti. 

So, are you craving to visit Dhanaulti for your next family vacation and want to know more about 

adventurous activities you can do at Dhanaulti.  

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1: Get freshen up at eco-park, Dhanaulti: 

Well, to start the first day of your tip at Dhanaulti, you can visit the eco-park as it will provide you with all the energy and fresh oxygen you will need for an entire busy day. The park has an area of 13 hectares and was built 7800 m above sea level. The park was actually built to ensure that poor people in the region could get a few jobs. 

Today, the eco-park is maintained and developed by the youth of Dhanaulti. The park is spread into two forests (Amber and Dhara) with a distance of 200m. We often feel that we have lost breathing fresh oxygen, and the eco-park in Dhanaulti will make you understand the real value of fresh oxygen and get a chance to experience nature. The best time to visit this place is during sunset and sunrise. 

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2: Skywalk in Dhanaulti:

You can stay away from this adventurous activity if you have acrophobia or fear of height. On the other hand, if you want to feel like a bird, this activity is perfectly made for your endeavors. During the skywalk, you will have to walk on a 360 ft long single wire, which is situated at the height of 120 ft. It is a dare-devil activity demanding a lot of focus because of a single mistake, and you will find yourself hanging in mid-air. Don’t forget to test your concentration skills when you visit Dhanaulti. 

3: Dhanaulti adventure park: 

When we are talking about adventurous activities in Dhanaulti, how can we miss out on mentioning Dhanaulti adventure park? Moreover, the park has a lot of fun-filled activities like sky diving, zip swing, rock climbing, and trekking. Well, the breathtaking view of the snow-topped mountains is one of the best advantages of visiting the park. 

4: Picnic near Tehri dam: 

When the concern is of exploring beautiful places, how can we miss out on the ultra-scenic views of the Tehri dam? Located behind the beautiful mountains, the dam is a perfect location if you want to have a family picnic in one of the best places in Dhanaulti. When visiting the dam, make sure that your kids and pets stay away, as it can be risky if you are careless. Don’t forget to carry your favorite snacks when you are visiting this wonderful dam. 

5: What about visiting a “Potato farm” in Dhanaulti?

Yes, you have read it correctly; we are talking about Potato farms and who doesn’t love potatoes on earth. In India, potatoes are considered an all-rounder as it has a magnificent talent for finding their way into mouthwatering recipes. The beautiful potato farm of Dhanaulti is located near the main market; hence try to include this in your Dhanaulti to-do list. 

6: Kanatal adventure camp: 

There is no doubt that the Kanatal adventure camp is one of the most important locations you must visit when exploring the elegant town of Dhanaulti. One of the best advantages of visiting this camp is it offers a wide range of adrenaline-boosting activities like paintball, valley crossing, jet skiing, and Burma bridge. You can also have your lunch there before leaving for the next location. 


7: Camp Thangdhar:

If you are looking for the best adventure camp near Dhanaulti or the best hotel in Dhanaulti, then camp Thangdhar is located only 14 km away from the main market of the Dhanaulti. If you love adrenaline rush activities, then you would love to visit this place. You can opt for various adventurous activities like snow camping, trekking, and mountain biking. You can also visit the nearby Jain temples, a sheer example of magnificent craftsmanship. 

So, these are some of the best places you can visit in Dhanaulti, and the best time to visit this place is between July and October, as you can experience lush greenery. Also, check out Glamwood resort, as it is one of the best hotels in Dhanaulti.